Buchanan Hardwoods is a major supplier of hardwood products to various markets worldwide. Our red and white oak lumber is well known for its quality and consistency, and it's used in a variety of construction and manufacturing industries. Our supply of native oak, ash, and other hardwoods, and our strategically-located sawmills, ensure a consistent flow of product to our customers, large and small.

Our sources of hardwood timber for lumber and flooring production range from the Tombigbee River Basin to the Appalachian Mountains. The large size of this timber harvesting area assures you that we can fulfill your requirements

Consistent quality has been the key to Buchanan's success over the years. All export and domestic lumber is carefully inspected and measured after kiln drying. Painted ends, package tallies, heavy-duty straps, and stiffeners are standard for each container or break bulk. All containers are stuffed by Buchanan personnel at the company's yards.

Whether you need a multi-car order in North Carolina, or a single truckload to California, or containerized shipments to Italy, Spain, or Asia - Buchanan has the size and versatility to handle your needs promptly.

You deserve a leader in the industry.

To better serve you, we get involved in our industry through a variety of trade associations. Some examples of Buchanan personnel ledership:

  • Current Director of National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association
  • Past Director of the National Hardwoods Lumber Association
  • Past President of the Hardwood Manufacturers Association
  • Past Director of the National Lumber Exporters Association
  • Past Director of Alabama Forestry Association
  • Past President Southwestern Hardwood Manufacturers Club
  • Past President of the Appalachian Lumberman's Club


Industries served include:

  • Furniture: Various hardwoods from upholstery to case goods
  • Architecture: Various products from stock to custom millwork
  • Kitchen: Hardwoods for cabinets
  • Solid Wood Flooring: The manufacture of our own "Elite Brand Flooring"
  • Pallet Builders: Pallet cants in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia
  • Lumber and distribution yards: High-grade oak and other species from Seattle to Miami, and from Los Angeles to Chicago
  • International Markets: Capabilities to provide top quality hardwoods throughout the world.