We control the entire process from seedling to lumber to flooring.

Timberland: Buchanan owns and/or manages over 100,000 acres of timberland to ensure a controlled supply of quality hardwoods for our multi-sawmill locations.

Production and Distribution: We produce some 30,000,000 board feet of flooring and lumber annually -- using new state-of-the-art, computer-controlled machinery. In addition, the Buchanan group, including our distribution facility in Granite Falls, NC, purchases some 30,000,000 board feet of quality lumber annually from producers across the Northern, Southern and Appalachian regions.

Plenty of Dry Kiln Capacity: Dry kilns operating at company sites have a drying capacity of over 2,400,000 board feet. In addition, each location has the ability to S2S and straight line rip.

New, Modern Facilities: Buchanan has built over 2,400,000 board feet of new steam kilns. In addition, modern T-sheds with an air-drying capacity of over 4,000,000 board feet have been constructed. Buchanan uses a Corley computer carriage for our sawmill to insure accurate thickness to 3-thousandths of an inch -- every time.

Elite Brand Plant: Buchanan not only has the finest high volume flooring plant located in a 100,000 square-foot facility, but we also have ample timberland to supply the sawmill with quality raw materials. With two shifts working on machinery manufactured by Hasco and Mereen Johnson, our annual production exceeds 11 million square feet a year.

Distribution Yards: Buchanan's distribution yard in Granite Falls, North Carolina provide the area's small and large furniture manufacturers. We also provide a custom service for kiln drying and surfacing.

Delivery: Each Buchanan facility is able to ship by truck or container.